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Second Opinion is written by Daniella Cortez, the entertainment editor and a writer for the Anchorage Press, and Colleen Bailey, who works full time as a data compliance specialist and moonlights as a writer and staple in the Friday Night Diva’s Variety Show at Mad Myrna’s. Collectively they have worked in coffee shops, bars, social service agencies, radio stations and entirely too many customer service positions. Not that this at all makes them experts but after close to 30 years apiece of being some of the most awkward kids in the room, they’ve perfected the art of the faux pas and how to navigate out of them.

Question topics can range from typical advice column fare like relationship and work-place drama to more practical stuff like how to get dog vomit out of a wool rug. Or anything else you think Second Opinion may be able to shed some light on. Be daring! Nothing is too taboo.

Questions can be submitted to or through this page anonymously. Feel free to use an alias if you wish to keep your identity confidential or to protect the innocent. Questions that are disrespectful or intolerant will not be answered. Not every questions can or will be answered each week but Second Opinion editors will keep all the questions and may use them in the future. Some questions may be edited for length, spelling and grammar.

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