It Shook It Shakes

Sj + Drums It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of local duo SJ + Drums. So I was quite pleased when they decided to share a brand new track with me and our readers ahead of their show tomorrow night. The song is “It Shook It Shakes” and it marks a stylistic departure from the bands usual sound.
SJ says, “this is kind of a new direction for us. It’s a legit rock and roll song. I initially wrote the song as a ballad but mike said he heard it as a punk song so we tried it out and it just fit.”
The original version was a heart breaking dirge, so the band decided to change the tempo a little bit. SJ says, “It is much easier to sing about sad things if you can stomp while you’re doing it.”
I couldn’t agree more. This recording is a rough cut from the bands practice space but they’re working on recording an album due out soon. The duo will open for The Builders and The Butchers tomorrow night at the Taproot Cafe and Public House. Tickets are available online.

Listen to “It Shook It Shakes” here: It Shook It Shakes

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