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*Each month the Anchorage Press hands the playlist reins over to a local musician or music enthusiast for independent construction. The Press Blog then shares said playlist along with the maker’s thoughts about the mix and a concise bio about the constructor and his or her current project(s). For the month of April local musician Emma Hill put together a list of things she’s been digging on lately. Her’s is the sixth playlist in our ongoing series.

EmmaHill new cdcover

Artwork from Emma Hill’s forthcoming album. Photo courtesy Emma Hill. Art by Laúra E. Lauterbach.

Emma Hill and longtime bandmate and producer, Bryan Daste, will be touring around Alaska this month in support of their newest album (tentatively titled Denali). Although the new album isn’t slated for release until August 2014, Emma and Bryan will give fans a sneak peak during their shows this spring. See Monolith Agency for a complete list of tour dates and to hear the single off of Denali., Additionally, three new songs will be available via digital download with the purchase of limited edition, screen printed tour poster. For more, check out Emma Hill online.

To listen to the first playlist in the series, curated by Historian guitarist Daniel Zawodny, click here. For playlist number two, curated by James Glaves of Ghost Hands, click here; for playlist three from rock duo SJ & Drums click here; for songs named “ALASKA” click here; to hear our year end round up of local music click here; for playlist five from Lindsey Atkins click here and for PRESS Music Editor Katie Medred’s Best of 2013 list click here.

Katie Medred

About Katie Medred

Katie Medred was born and raised in the wilds of Alaska. She now serves as the A&E and Music Editor at the Anchorage PRESS, as well as a writer and reporter. Email her at katie.medred@gmail.com with story ideas, band information and updates.

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