Songs Called “Alaska”

Songs Called “Alaska” is a playlist companion to this week’s Top Ten list (1/30 through 2/5) which is centered around songs with “Alaska” in the title.

As far as musical genre goes, this list is mostly geared toward the rock/pop end of things. However, and it should be noted, a good portion of songs titled straight-up, plain ol’ “Alaska” could be lumped into the techno/ trance end of the spectrum. Meanwhile, bands with Alaska in the name, or named after an Alaskan city or town (Juneau, Goodbye Fairbanks, etc.), were mostly post/ pop-punk or emo influenced. Coincidence these moodier genres use Alaska in their song titles or band names? Perhaps not.

Track list
1. Princess Party Mountain– “Alaska”
2. The Cabin Project – “Alaska”
3. Teen Daze – “Alaska”
4. Volcano Choir – “Alaskans”
5. Last Lynx – “Alaska”
6. The Hums – “Alaska”
7. People’s Palms – “Alaska”
8. The Demigs – “Slum, Alaska”
9. I Used to Be a Sparrow – “Alaska”
10. The Chelsea Set – “Charred Alaska”
11. Summer Watson – “Alaska”
12. Dr. Dog – “Alaska”
13. I Am The River – “Cicely, Alaska”
14. Theo Sieben – “Alaska Porcelain”
15. Ercos Blanka – “Alaska”

Musicians Laurel Andrews and Malcolm Kuntz in Seward, Alaska. September 2013. (Katie Medred photo)

Katie Medred

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  1. Seawolfear
    February 9, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    Men’s Recovery Project-“Our Alaskan Brothers”

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