November Tunes From Glaves*

by James Glaves

*Each month the Anchorage Press hands the playlist reins over to a local musician or music enthusiast for independent construction. The Press Blog then shares said playlist along with the maker’s thoughts about the mix and a concise bio about the constructor and his or her current project(s). For the month of November Soldotna-raised musician James Glaves, of Ghost Hands, plays tribute to his “addiction” to music. His is our second playlist in our ongoing series.

This was hard. Well … the thought of having to actually do something was hard.

When I was first approached by the PRESS to come up with a November playlist, my inner Fonzie was all over it. My Fonz and I were sure that we could bestow some all-knowing musical prescription to those unfortunate and uncultured rednecks out there. The joke, however, was undoubtedly on me. First, the list had to be made on the Spotify, which I didn’t have or know anything about. Second, I have terrible taste in music and generally don’t enjoy it AT ALL.

Allow me to clarify. I used to be moved by music. I had the real cliche, spiritual, full body chills kinda love affair with it. And then the 90′s ended. I got back hair, and music slowly started to suck and/or blow. I also found myself quitting reality and making a concerted effort to be a full-time musician/record producer, which unfortunately can take a little of the pure joy and mystery out of music. Because of this, these days when I do find a band I enjoy it’s quite the treat. My playlist exemplifies some of the artists, new and old, that have moved me in one way or the other at some point in my life.

Music is still my life, but it has slowly taken me over. Like a problematic anime porn addiction, I don’t want it … I NEEDS it.

So, whatever. I just want you all to enjoy the coming month of beards, those annoying “I’m thankful for” lists on Facebook, this snarky monologue and my playlist, which is totally random and themeless, but awesome….


James Glaves is originally from Soldotna, but moved to Anchorage several years ago. Glaves has played with Meg Mackey Band and The Wagner Logic, as well as Ghost Hands. He currently works as a producer, recording and sound engineer. Ghost Hands will host an official CD release party, featuring SJ + Drums and The Sweeteners, on November 22 at the Tap Root Public House. Visit the event’s Facebook Page for more information.


To listen to the first playlist in the series, curated by Historian guitarist Daniel Zawodny, click here.

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