An Autumn Playlist*

by Daniel Zawodny

*This playlist is the first in a series. Each month the Anchorage Press will hand the playlist reins over to a different local musician or music enthusiast for independent construction. The Press Blog will share said playlist along with the maker’s thoughts about the mix and a concise bio about the constructor and his or her current project(s). For the month of October, and as the first installment, Anchorage musician Daniel Zawodny plays tribute to autumn.

Autumn is by far my favorite season. The crisp, clean, cold air is ripe with anticipation and change. Being a Gemini, the Equinox appeals to my sense of duality, and the idea of equal light and dark are a perfect metaphor for this month’s playlist. With happiness you receive equal part sadness. With anticipation, hesitation. Deafening volume and incessant noise will disrupt moments of peace and quiet. This playlist represents my best effort to capture the juxtaposition we face during the seasonal changes.

Daniel Zawodny was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Over the years he’s been in several prominent local bands including Double Aught, eu Vusahm and Fibonacci Sequence. His most recent work has been with Anchorage rock band Historian. Zawodny along with bandmate Nathan Hurst relocated to South Dakota in early October. For more on Historian visit or past coverage by the PRESS here.

Zawodny (far right) with Historian bandmates Jason Lessard (far left), Marc Bourdon and Nathan Hurst (center).

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