A Very Special Halloween Playlist


We here at the Press called on friends of the Black Order to help compile our 2013 Halloween playlist. The contributors are individuals that have been listening to goth inspired gloom music since before the rest of us ever even knew that was a “thing.” The result is a pretty bangn’ All Hallow’s Eve inspired soundscape. There’s a little bit of everything: Dream pop, dark wave, goth rock, witch house, black metal, horror punk, dark folk and (of course) classic comedic Halloween tunes, like Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.

Play it at a party, at your desk or in a car. Wherever you are, this’ll get you in the mood to line your eyes in black and suck some blood, if that’s what you’re into (we don’t presume to know…).



Katie Medred

About Katie Medred

Katie Medred was born and raised in the wilds of Alaska. She now serves as the A&E and Music Editor at the Anchorage PRESS, as well as a writer and reporter. Email her at katie.medred@gmail.com with story ideas, band information and updates.

One thought on “A Very Special Halloween Playlist

  1. Bradley
    November 2, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Sweet list, but missed opportunity to include The Dream Sydicate’s song Halloween off The Days of Wine and Roses LP. Check it out. It’ll make your shopping cart go bump, bump…..

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