Songs For September

An Amanita sprouts up in September.

An Amanita sprouts up in September.

Katie Medred photo.

It’s September again; fall is knocking and the weather is turning. Here’s what’s playing in the Anchorage PRESS office as we move forward into the new season. Note: We do apologize if this latest playlist is a tad on the gloomy side, but as the daylight hours slowly disappear is it any wonder we’d turn to a sadder soundtrack?

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I have a lot of likes and I've lived a lot of places, but my favorite combination of the aforementioned has to be music and Alaska. That's how (and why) I ended up at the Anchorage Press; I just really dig the sounds and styling of the Last Frontier. If you, dear Reader, think there's a local or touring act I should know about, or perhaps profile, email me at Katie(at)

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