Beating the summer bummers

She's not sad, she just wants to go see Pacific Rim

She’s not sad, she just wants to go see Pacific Rim

There’s been a pretty wicked case of summer malaise around the office. Hitting various members of the Press staff intermittently like rolling black outs. It’s characterized by a lot of heavy sighing, longingly staring out of our big office windows at the blue skies outside and various threats to run away to everywhere from Vegas to nursing school. But we’ve decided that it’s time for us to get our act together and pull ourselves up by our boot straps and outta this funk. To do that here are some things we’re planning on doing this coming week:

Tomorrow night Bonnie Prince Billy and Dawn McCarthy will be playing Tap Root Public House and Cafe at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $20 at the door and you can look forward to what Press writer Jason Eisert says is Bonnie Prince Billy’s “ethereal and distinctively haunting voice.” This is a listening room style event, so cell phones off and chit chat to a minimum, which will be a nice change to the usually boisterous venue.

Our fearless leader Victoria says she is planning a fishing trip down to the Kenai River but more immediately she’s going to catch the newly released Pacific Rim in theaters. Our film buff Bob Grimm reviews it in tomorrow’s paper. (Surprise! He kind of liked it.)

Friday night Portland-based singer-songwriter Ezza Rose is going to be at the Tap Root. She’s playing a serious of shows around Alaska in the coming weeks as well; you can buff up on her tunes and see a list of her tour dates here. I’m a big fan of the song “Ophelia,” it has a beautiful, delicate lyrical quality that reminds me of The Watson Twins or My Brightest Diamond. If you like indie rock hymns bordering on gypsy tinged orchestration, you’ll dig Rose. Plus, rock cello! I love rock cello!

Staff writer Scott is planning some lake boating in the Valley this weekend, hoping to capitalize on our dwindling summer days.  And the genius behind making the paper look pretty every week is Diane, who is going hiking, also wanting to cash in on some long daylight hours.

If you’re interested in getting out of the house and into the wild this coming week we suggest taking a trip out to the Eagle River Nature Center. They have events every weekend for the whole family. This weekend they’re teaching kiddos how to use a compass and grown ups might enjoy a lecture on wild flowers.

If you want to combine that whole music + being outside thing there’s Summer Haze 5 going down on 4th Ave. between C and D streets. (Right in front of the Avenue Bar, which conveniently is where you can get your drink on if you’re of that age and inclination.) The event starts at 1 p.m. and goes steady into the evening featuring headliners Alaska ex-pats/Portland defectors The Hoons, along with a host of other local bands, DJ’s, artists and food vendors. $10 gets you in. As that is as close to “outdoorsy” as I plan to get, this is my personal pick for the weekend. Pick up tomorrow’s Press for more information about Summer Haze.

Whatever you do, don’t let the summer slump keep you down. And if you feel like dropping by treats to your beleaguered Press editorial staff: we like donuts.


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