Governor’s investigation in the raw

These documents are the result of an investigation by aides to Alaska Governor Sean Parnell into events surrounding an April 2-4 anti-abortion protest in Juneau. State employees are alleged to have tried to suppress the protest, which was led my members of Center for Bioethical Reform.

The documents were compiled and released by attorney Randy Ruaro, policy director and special counsel to Alaska Governor Sean Parnell. Joshua Decker, the executive director of American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska, filed a request in early April for the documents. The documents are posted here as one seamless piece because that is how the ACLU delivered them to the Press.

The first four-pages are a letter from Ruraro to Decker, explaining how the various documents answer nine points that were spelled out in Decker’s initial request. Ruaro’s letter can also serve as an overview—a guide just for you!—of the entire 32-page report that appears here as one document.

That’s how we found it. There’s not much point slicing it up.

The link is below.

Now get to reading and decide for yourself what it all means.

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