Inbox: All that’s old is new again

Time for the second (third? maybe? I can’t count.) installment of “Inbox.” Where I bring you new music and fun things that people send me in press releases but we don’t have time to do full print articles about.

This week we learned that Backstreet is back. Again. The Backstreet Boys will be going on a world tour starting in late July in celebration of their 20th anniversary. If you just choked on your tongue because you’re an old lady who feels like her youth has passed by in the blink of an eye: welcome to the club. In related news New Kids on the Block released a new album in April as well. The first single “Remix (I like the)” is, I’ll say it, quite catchy. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been on rotation on my iPod for a while now. Check out the video here:

I’ll be ordering tee shirts for the “Old Bitches Who Love Boy Bands” fan club this week. Stay tuned.

My inbox also told me about UK alt-rock band Deaf Havana. I haven’t been able to form a comprehensive opinion about the new track from the upcoming album, but I can use phrases like “technically proficient”, “well produced” and “earnest” to describe it. The band has recently joined a North American label, Razor & Tie, and announced that they will be opening for Bruce Springsteen in London later this summer. The Springsteen thing makes sense. Give them a listen.

Starlight Girls  photo by Naoko Takagi

Starlight Girls
photo by Naoko Takagi

Starlight Girls just released a new single, a song that those who like bands like Grimes and Bat for Lashes will enjoy. It’s moody and melodic, gritty and catchy. If there are songs that are perfect for sunny summer days, this is the kind of music for just after dark summer nights. I also really enjoy the email that I received from Shaw of Starlight Girls:

Here’s something you might like. 

A new single by yours truly premiered on SPIN at the beginning of this week. Its a collaborative project with producer Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) coming out as part of a glow-in-the-dark picture disc star wheel 7″ record.×3-premiere-stream/

Let me know if you dig it! 


Shaw // Starlight Girls

Well, Shaw, I dig it. It’s this kind of straight to the point email that makes me actually click on the links contained therein. The SPIN review is solid and short, and gives a nice overview of past work and the upcoming release. If your’e looking for some summer make out jams, Starlight Girls might be a good place to start.

What new stuff are you guys into this week? And who wants in on the OBWLBB Club tee shirt order?

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