Contest Entry: One Fine Tuesday

By Shoshawnna O’Kelly

My Spenard story starts at 6am on a Tuesday, back in the day when AKdigitel was still around turning people’s phones off at midnight. Because that’s a totally appropriate time to disconnect a phone.

So I wake up, still slightly drunk from the night before, to find that, no I wasn’t too sloshed to work my phone, it had been turned off.

I had a big kid job at the time and NEEDED my phone and to be at work with a paint brush in hand by 8am.

As I leave my basement apartment on the corner of 15th and E heading to the closest prepaid phone card dealer that would be open at that time I’m struck with how odd the city looks in summer at 6am on a Tuesday. Deserted for the most part but full of bright noontime sunshine.

Williams (what was once mapco and is now holiday) on Spenard and Minnesota, I run in grab my phone card and run back out.

I now find a pregnant, dirty looking hooker leaning against my truck. She asks me if I can take her to the Paradise Inn.. (This will be my only occasion ever that leads me to the Paradise Inn)

This young girl I recognize from my days as a wayward youth hanging out with the bums at Taku lake. She gets in my truck and it immediately starts reeking of something I can only now describe as what the downstairs men’s bathroom of the Kodiak bar smelled like.

In my center console I have the remnants of an old toaster strudel wrapped up in a ziploc baggie.

The hooker grabs it, very excitedly. I laugh, explain that it was only pastry frosting she was looking at and turn into the paradise inn.

She gets out slowly, as if waiting for something.. Still not entirely sure what, and I drive off and make it to work on time.. Only to discover I was sold the wrong phone card. And no, I couldn’t get a refund or exchange.

Thanks Spenard hooker for a great story but a totally ruined day.

Editors note: today is the last day to win the two free tickets to Spenard Prom. Pre-sale tickets for the event are sold out, so if you want a guaranteed in we are it! Just send us your Spenard story by 5 p.m. tonight for your chance to win. 

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