Contest entry: Breakup in Spenard

wristwatchBy James Mason

It was late May and the ice had just come off Lake Spenard. The day was sunny and clear so I took a spin on my mountain bike. At the northeast corner of the lake where out of town float planes tie up I came upon a police car. There were several uniformed men standing over a man lying on the ground. As I approached I could see the man was dead. I listened in to what the cops were saying and learned the dead man was a local small-time drug dealer who’d disappeared the previous October, just before the lake froze. He’d spent the winter on the bottom and with the ice off had risen to the surface.

At that point I noticed his watch. It was a Timex Indiglo Triathlon model and looked brand now. Sparkling and shiny, the six months on the bottom had obviously been good to it.

I checked the time against my Rolex. It was right on! What an advertisement for Timex! Their watch spends the winter strapped to the wrist of a drowned drug dealer, 40 feet down on the bottom of a frozen Alaskan lake. After six months the watch is still right on time!

I reached into my bag for the little camera I carry and was getting ready to make a snap when a guy to my right, also on a bicycle spoke up.

“Officer, would you mind if I’d take his watch?”

The cop turned to us and snarled “Would you two weirdos please get lost! Every time we find a body a couple like you two show up and start acting strange. Now beat it!”

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