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photo by Kerry Tasker

photo by Kerry Tasker

Remember last year when Anchorage was named the worst dressed city? You can read about it here, here and of course, here we have a Top Ten by the Press’s own Ash Adams about how to identify an Alaskan hipster.  Well the good news is that the good folks at Movoto Blog don’t seem to think we made the cut this year. They’ve got their list of Top Ten Worst Dressed Cities and we’re not on it! Everyone rejoice! Hats off to Wichita  KS though. We can’t even imagine how many fanny packs you guys needed to sport to make the top of this list.

Friday night we enjoyed our mini-spring and took in the one night only audio-visual art event at Whale’s Tail featuring the vivid, abstract work of local artist Amy McVey and ambient music by Clint Samples. The bar was packed and had that jovial, upbeat feeling of a season change about to happen. (Aided by the bars soda-fountain like wine dispensers to be sure.) Unfortunately the season change that happened was a foot of snow over night.

Despite the snow dump we braved the roads and weather to plow through the weekend. (Pun intended. Always.)

Saturday night Mad Myrna’s (our favorite next door neighbor) and Standing Together Against Rape hosted the Second Annual Survivor’s Ball. Drag performers, live music and a silent auction raised almost $2,000 for STAR.  Live performances included two of Anchorage’s powerhouse live theater singers Bridget Sullivan and Ali De Guzman, a beautiful modern dance from Kris Palmatier and a range of drag performances from Friday Night Diva regulars Ashley Summers-Dawn, D’Licious B Devine, Lucien Alastar, Hank Van Dickerson, Robyn Kellie, Alexis Kellie as well as hosting duties from Myrna’s own comedic one-two punch Rj Haywood and Colleen Bailey. Drag newcomers Dr. Feel Good and Mr. Sister also helped round out the cast that donated their time and most of their tips to make the event a success. You’ll have to forgive us if we’ve forgotten any of the cast in this short round up, it was a long night.

(It’s also Sexual Assault Awareness Month so if you missed this function there are more ways to get involved with STAR. Check out their calendar of events here. )

Elsewhere in town our editor Victoria Barber was sitting down to take in The Pirates of Penzance. She had this to say:

Pirates of Penzance is like if the late 1800s version of Arrested Development — full of silly tangents, strange characters and funny wordplay. It mainly concerns a group of pirates who are extremely bad at their piratical duties on account of being too softhearted. Pirates is technically an opera, but with a generous helping of slapstick comedy (not to mention some of the most viciously catchy tunes known to mankind). Vanessa Ballam, playing Mabel, was a standout–with a clear, sure voice that can shoot straight through the rafters at the drop of a pin. Anchorage local Nancy Caudill was fantastic as Ruth, the old woman who tries to marry a 21 year old man through less-than-honest means (it’s funnier in the play). Also, Kyle Gantz was extremely funny as the faint hearted Sergeant of Police.

Gilbert and Sullivan created some of the most entertaining works for stage ever made, and the Anchorage production takes up the playful tone and runs with it. Bottom line — Pirates puts the arrrrrrr in operrra.

She’s a great boss and the captain of this occasionally wayward ship so we’ll forgive her that pun in the last line.

Friday and Saturday night rapper Yelawolf played two sold out shows in a small venue downtown in Anchorage. Unfortunately our reviewer was ill and couldn’t make it. We heard words like “epic”, “amazing”, and “so glad I decided to go” being thrown around online after the shows though so we’ll count it as a success and note that we’re bummed we couldn’t make it.

We also missed the Anchorage Rocks for Autism shows but heard that the collection of bands that played both the all ages show in Eagle River and the over 21 crowd at the Avenue Bar blew the roof off and rocked out for a good cause. (Top photo: City in Ashes and one incredibly enthusiastic fan. Bottom photo: One very enthusiastic band Divides and an entire front row of people too metal to party.)

autism crowd

anchorage rocks for autism


Photos by Joel Adams who is a lovely gentleman and dude The Rest of the Press loves the most because of his ability to be pretty much everywhere to take photos.

File under: Not local music that gets sent to us

  • The Redstones are a band from Raleigh, North Carolina who wanted us to listen to their band. So here, listen to their band
  • We received an email with the following information about another not-local band:”Post-punk outfit Weekend are making a gloriously noisy return with their forthcoming second LP, Jinx (Slumberland). Premiering yesterday on Pitchfork, Weekend’s lead track “Mirror” sets the stage  – and the effect is roaring and disorienting all at once.” Listen to their new jam here.
  • And finally the Electric Forest music festival in Rothbury, Michigan has released their official line up of performers. Can’t afford to go to Pitchfork in Paris? Or find tickets to Sasquatch in Washington State? (We know a guy, by the way if you’re still looking.) This might be an interesting alternative to the regular music fest scene. They’ve got Passion Pit and Danny Brown, what else could you need? Here’s the line up.

It’s still snowing. We know you know that. We probably don’t even need to mention it. It’s beginning to feel like winter will never end. So we’re mentioning it. We’ve tried the “ignore it and it will go away” tactic but it’s not working. How are you guys handling The Never Ending Winter?


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