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Mr World WideBy Daniella Cortez

Recently I was accused of only making playlists that appeal to “morose indie kids who don’t go out into the sunshine.” The burn hit a little close to home so I decided to celebrate the chart toppers this week.

Truth time: I love pop music. When I get into the car in the morning I usually tune the radio to the local hip hop station to get the morning going. I like a Nicki Minaj to get the blood pumping. I have a huge crush on Pitbull. No shame, his little sideways smirk just gets to me. Bruno Mars is equally sexy and I have a very specific “Bruno Mars dance.” It involves a lot of shoulder shimmies. And finally, I’ll say it loud and proud: I like Taylor Swift. Her face is insufferable but for some stupid reason her music resonates with me even though she’s a decade younger than me. Don’t care. She’s great.

By the time this posts tickets to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be on sale for their show here in Anchorage on March 29. I’ve got the Ticketmaster window open right now to make sure I get one. If you don’t know who they are, they’re topping the charts on iTunes and Billboard right now. Check out their track “Thrift Shop” and then hope that their Egan Center show isn’t sold out when you’re ready to buy a ticket.

Now, enjoy your Friday and crank up the P!nk because it’s time to get this party started. (This playlist is collaborative. Feel free to add a few tracks.)

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