Night Out: The Builders and The Butchers 2.8.13

The Taproot Cafe hosted two nights of super rocking, really intimate The Builders and The Butchers shows. Friday night Hawkins Wright and the Super Saturated Sugar Strings opened for them to a full but not quite jam packed house. Wright, undeniably one of the nicest musicians in Anchorage with some of the best stage banter, opened the show. The Super Saturated Sugar Strings followed him, playing several new songs and quite a few vocal light/instrumental heavy songs that kept the crowd swaying and stomping along to the beat. The Builders and The Butchers played quite a few of their older, tried and true tunes before showing off some of their new work. The new songs definitely did not disappoint. Their new album, due out later this year, promises to be full of new tunes that draw on the elements that made the band great while contributing new sounds and themes we haven’t heard from the group yet.

Joel Adams was on hand Friday night to snap pictures and video of the show:

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