Quick hit: Top Ten Shower Jamz

singing in the showerBy Matt Collins

10. All By Myself – Eric Carmen (Because the shower scene was the best part of “Half Baked”.) (1975)

9. Splish Splash – Bobby Darin (1958) (Sure it’s about taking a bath, but you’ll be too busy doing the monkey to notice.)

8. Waterfalls – TLC (RIP Left-Eye, T-Boz’s career.) (1995)

7. I Get Wet – Andrew WK (He gets wet without ever tryin’.) (2001)

6. Meet Me in the Bathroom – The Strokes (Shower like the young-beautiful-thin-rich-bored person you deserve to be.) (2003)

5. Soaked – Adam Lambert (For that good shower cry, plus it’s written by Matthew Bellamy of Muse.) (2009)

4. Blame it on the Rain – Milli Vanilli (Play when someone else is showering, then take credit.) (1989)

3. Slippery When We (entire album) – Bon Jovi (1986) (An album that’s almost as big as your hair.)

2. The Shower Theme from Psycho (1960) (Bonus points if you squeeze chocolate syrup and scream like a Banshee.)

1. So Fresh, So Clean – Outkast (Duh, it really wouldn’t be a list without it.) (2001)

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