Playlist: Gumption and gusto

By SJ Stephens
There comes a time in one’s life where you have to pick up your chin and deal with some grown up shit. Strangely, this time often coincides with a mysterious disappearance of all the trash talking bravery that was once assumed as a DNA designated trait. The thing with bravery is it seems to be all too abundant as it pertains to making poor fashion choices, addressing the sideways glances of strangers at bars and saving friends from certain spider-based death but oddly absent in legit adult situations. They shouldn’t even call those two types of bravery the same thing. The “too-short skirt” bravery can stay named “bravery” but the real one; the going into battle, jumping out of a plane, killing a much bigger spider one— well that isn’t braver-y that’s the braver-est! (See what I did there?) The life skills kind of bravery takes more than a simple pep talk. It takes a slap in the face and some very loud car singing. It takes the theme from Rocky and some epic shadow boxing. It takes a solid reminder that you are both wonderful and worth the fight in 4/4 time.  For me, it takes this playlist and a little bourbon.

-SJ Stephens is a songwriter and engineer. She fronts the band SJ + Drums, writes songs about science and kills spiders for her friends in her spare time. 

One thought on “Playlist: Gumption and gusto

  1. John bombveay
    January 28, 2013 at 9:25 am

    That shit makes me wanna lift weight 100 lbs heavier than I should. And also take over the world and have sexual relations with 18 year old babes after I cruise threw in my huge monster truck! All jokes aside it’s a sweet list

    Ps grammar is not my strong suit, therefor I apologies

    Bombveay out

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