Contest: Super Shorts 2013

short_shorts_8.5x11Sharpen your pencils, rev up the word processor, it’s time for the Anchorage Press’ Super Shorts Microfiction contest 2013!

STORIES should be 200 words or fewer (except for the Micro-mini category). Each story should be entered in one of the categories below. All submissions become the property of the Anchorage Press solely for the purposes of publication associated with this contest.

WINNERS in each category will have their stories printed in a special Super Shorts issue of the Press. And there may be prizes!

ENTER by emailing with the word “shorts” in your subject line to, or submit in person or by mail to Press World HQ at 540 E. Fifth Avenue, 99501.

Three ways to win!

1. Choose one of these prompts and write a story in 200 words or less:

Fire Island • Alaskan hipsters • Post melodic hard core • The eve of the apocalypse • South Anchorage rom-com • Only bad clothing • Been there, done that, at 40-below • High pressure system • An alley off Spenard • That’s why we don’t bother to name them • Winter Olympics 2094 • Rogue wind

2. Use 5 of these 10 words and write a story in 200 words or less:

Pickle, severe, pin, blackening, season, app, gluten-free, brand, Seward, storyknife

3. Micro-mini—Write a complete story in under 25 words or less. (use whatever words you please).

DEADLINE: Email your submissions to by Wednesday, February 13, 11:59 p.m. (be sure to include your name, city of residence and the best way to contact you)

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