Night Out: The Hoons, Turquoise Boy and Kill Tango

By Joel Adams

So¬†Saturday night¬†I had several choices on where to go and what to do. It was the day after the apocalypse, which is something that doesn’t happen all that often, and there was the Christmas Edition of Dead Disko, the dance party at Taproot, and then The Hoons, Kill Tango, and Turquoise Boy at Koot’s. Really, anywhere I went was a win for me, so I settled on Koot’s. Kill Tango hadn’t played a show in quite a while, it was my first chance to see Turquoise Boy playing as three piece, and the Hoons always put on a good show.

I arrived at the show, got my wristband, and settled in while Kill Tango set up. Now I barely remember seeing these guys play last, officially they’re not a band anymore, but they used to rock with the Hoons on a regular basis and after a bit of persuasion they apparently agreed to take the stage again. Boy was I glad they did. It’s always a bummer when good bands break up but that just makes these reunion shows that much better. Kill Tango has some serious energy and talent, and a unique sound that definitely wasn’t lost on the crowd. Watch Kill Tango’s song “Cowboys and Indians” here.

After Kill Tango finished their set I snagged a drink, chatted with some friends, and waited for Turquoise Boy to take their turn. Recently their bassist Marc left the band, as I hear to move with his family out of state, so the long-time foursome is down to three members. With Winston taking over on bass and no keyboards the band definitely has a different sound. Think more rock, less pop. However, bands always change, it’s just a fact of life, and this change wasn’t so extreme that I couldn’t get used to it. People danced, faces were melted, and Turquoise Boy played an awesome show. Watch Turquoise Boy’s song “Left to Dry” here.

After TB wrapped up it was time for the main event, the Hoons set up quick and everyone in the house moved to the stage. Getting to see the Hoons in Anchorage has become a rare treat, but their time in Portland was well spent. They sounded tighter than ever, even with a new drummer. They played old stuff, new stuff, and a cover or two, and all of it sounded excellent.Watch The Hoons play “Cry Wolf” here.

All in all this was an excellent show. Each band gave it their all, and while I’m bummed I missed out on everything else that happened after the dud apocalypse I definitely didn’t waste my Saturday night.

Photo and video by Joel Adams

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