Night Out: Post Apocalyptic Dance Party

By Daniella Cortez

Last Saturday night we partied in the name of survival. The world did not collapse in on itself due to the Mayan calendar ending. (Surprise!) We all woke up Saturday morning in (hopefully) much the same condition we went to bed the night before.

To that end, we decided to celebrate. Or some of us did at least. The Taproot was packed with happy faces, the line up was non-stop awesome starting at 9 p.m. and going into the wee hours of Sunday morning. The night started with SJ + Drums, a powerful duet comprised of SJ Stephens and Mike Holtz. They specialize in love songs about scientists. (Click here to watch a video of their song “Einstein”.)

Then there was Starship Amazing. Starship Amazing consists of two dudes, Derek and Calvin, who make sounds on machines. Calvin is the straight man, he’s just moving levers and knobs, totally focused on the sounds. Derek, oh man, Derek gets his groove on. He’s bouncing around and rocking out. After careful and close inspection we (the royal we of the Press editorial staff) have determined that Derek has several distinctive head bobs. With variations like fist pumps and whipping his body back and forth quickly. It’s pretty intense to watch. We don’t have a video of their performance but you can listen to some of their songs here.

The Modern Savage took the stage around 11 p.m. They continue to be one of the best looking bands in Anchorage, at least in my humble opinion. They are an attractive bunch of musicians. They debuted a new song on Saturday and have plans in the works for a full length album soon. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year you can read about them here, listen to them here or go see them live when they play with Young Fangs in two weeks at the Sitzmark in Girdwood.

I am a firm believer that every rock show should end with a DJ. Alex the Lion closed out the night looking super fly in a suit and tie (see what I did there?) and brought bodies to the dance floor. Also evidently at some point he was chewing on his turn tables. You can see him with the rest of his Mobile Disko crew at the Avenue Bar next weekend for a Pre New Years Eve party.

Below are some photos of the whole night as captured by Kerry Tasker.

Daniella Cortez

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