Weekly Play List: You’re a snowflake, darling

It’s cold. If the sun is shining it’s even colder. Even if the sun is shining you can’t even enjoy it because it’s too cold to be outside. If the sun isn’t shining… well then we just want to light everything on fire because we are collectively vitamin D deficient and full of winter rage.

Short of handing out those SAD lamps or one-way tickets to the Bahamas, this play list is the best thing I can offer you. Sure, there are a couple of tracks on here that are on the melancholy side of things, but you can’t have a winter play list without a few bummer jams. “Songs for a Blue Guitar,” by the Red House Painters, is a solid cold weather stand-by for me. It’s the sort of song you put on when it’s snowing big fat flakes outside and you’re having hot cocoa (or Irish coffee, your pick) for dinner.

Aside from the few moody songs, this mix is filled with music that is perfect for snuggling. There are hopeful hunker-down songs like “Darlin’” by Shelly Fraley. Fraley’s sweet lyrics coupled with handclaps and doo-wop backing vocals makes an adorable combination. There are a few “pick me up” tracks in there as well, “Punching in a Dream” by The Naked and Famous, “Dancing My Heart Out” by Winter Gloves and “Auto Happy” by Slow Runner are good go-to songs for those days when you miss the sun and just need to dance it out for a few minutes.

Then there are “so what if it’s winter, I’m gonna rock out anyway” jams like “Colours” by April Smith and the Great Picture Show. Listen to it a few times and it’s easy to pick up the lyrics, you’ll be singing along in no time. “Colours” has super cute lyrics, a ukulele as part of the rhythm section and a kazoo breakdown in the middle. Seriously. You can’t help but be happy when you listen to it.

So jam out like it’s January, because by the time January rolls around we’ll need a list full of heavy metal and hard core rap just to stay awake at our desks.

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