Weekly play list: Dance/Dance

By Daniella Cortez

Here’s a quickie for you guys to prepare for the weekend, because I am absolutely certain that all of you are going to one or both of the dance productions featured in this week’s print edition. My faith in you is so strong that I want to be sure you’re ready, so I’ve made you this play list that has a few of the songs you can expect to hear at the shows.

This mix is a little all over the place, genre wise. We’ve got some slow, steady sultry jams like Nouvelle Vague’s cover of The Cramps “Human Fly,” which you can expect to hear at the “Pulse Goes to the Circus” show. It’s the kind of song to practice your hip swivel to or—as I’ve recently discovered—an excellent track to have playing in the background while you upload an entire newspaper, article by article, to the company website.

If you’re looking to get old school you can’t beat Fred Astaire’s “Putting on the Ritz.” A timeless song that harkens back a time when men wore well-tailored tuxedos for no reason and danced with a cane even when you don’t medically require one. Momentum will be dancing to this one in their “History. Pop Culture. And all that…JAZZ” production this weekend.

By the time you get to the end of this mix with J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” you’ll be ready to get a little crunk and practice some moves of your own. Or, maybe not, in which case just go let the professionals show you how it’s done.

Check out this week’s print edition for previews of both Pulse and Momentum’s upcoming shows.

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