Three days, three shows

By Daniella Cortez

Thursday: Young Fang, Meg Mackey Band and The Sweeteners

I’m always pleasantly surprised when a Thursday night show draws a solid crowd. Obviously having a great line up helps pull in people, but being out late on a school night is a tough sell. The Fall Flight show at the Taproot last Thursday pulled an interesting crowd and one that was ready to dance as well. Young Fang opened the show with their purposeful and melodic indie rock, getting people in the mood and helping to fill in the dance floor. By the time the Meg Mackey Band took the stage it was a pretty packed house. Mackey always puts on a great show but the band really seems to have tightened up their sound lately and each time I see them they get better and better. Finally, the Sweeteners rounded out the night. The dance floor was a mess of sweat and sweet dance moves and I lost more than one friend to the fray. The mood was light hearted and happy and although I stayed out way too late for a weeknight, it was a good time. It was definitely a nice way to jump-start the weekend.

Friday: Starship Amazing

Last week Jeri Kopet did an interview with the Internet sensations Starship Amazing. They don’t play often so when I heard they were putting on a show at Bella Boutique in Spenard I had to stop by. For two dudes and a mess of electronics they put on a hell of a show. Derek Alexander is definitely the fist pumping hype man of the duo, where Calvin Hansen is stoic and focused on mixing the music. Alexander was dancing behind his turntable and his energy was catching. There was an incredibly enthusiastic dancer right in front of the band that for a while I thought was going to fall down or break something. For the most part the rest of the crowd was mellow and just listening and chatting. Starship Amazing is breaking out of their Internet-driven fan base and reaching out in the real live community they live in. I would love to see them play a bar or collaborate with a live band somewhere in town where the crowd could really wild out while they played. The music was great and Bella Boutique is a lovely shop, but because it is so full of beautiful (some of which are also expensive) items it made for very delicate movement around the packed store. I stepped out for a moment to get a piece of pie next door at Sugarspoon, which made me hope that we see more shows at Bella Boutique because the combination of music and cake is something I am quite fond of.

Saturday: Garage-a-palooza House Party

Saturday afternoon I was headed out to run some errands when my sister called me and asked if I was going to “that garage thing.” Since I had no idea what she was talking about I told her to find out more information and let me know. She got back to me a few minutes later with an address that was apparently half way to Girdwood but little actual details. About an hour later I heard from another friend who was headed out to what people where apparently calling Garage-a-palooza. The text messages kept rolling in. “The Modern Savage are playing out in the middle of nowhere.” “Alex the Lion is spinning at some thing on the Southside.” “Did you know Ghost Hands is playing in someone’s garage?” Eventually I had no choice, I dipped out of the bachelorette party I was at (quickly, I returned as soon as possible but duty calls!) and went to check it out. After a terrifying and harrowing experience involving my iPhone’s map function and an unlit, unpavedroad in what can only be described as the boonies I made it to what appeared to be a ranch or small farm. Past the horses, up a slick hill in boots and tights and then… oh hey! A bonfire! Friends! Music! I’ve survived my long trek and have made it to the Promised Land! I showed up just in time to catch The Modern Savage’s set while they were in fact playing in a garage in the middle of nowhere. There were some snacks set out and the garage probably hadn’t seen a car or tractor in years, it was stacked to the rafters with musical equipment and was most definitely a secluded practice space. The party was small, but the crowd was dedicated and into what was happening. People where noshing and dancing, chatting around the bonfire outside and just generally enjoying a Saturday night in the crisp autumn air. This was definitely a musician’s party; the crowd was mostly members of other bands and their various posses. I’m hesitant to “review” this show because it was more a friendly get together than an actual show, but the mood was so jovial and really indicative of how collaborative the local music scene is.

Also they had a cheese plate. That’s pretty cool.

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