Playlist: Whiskey and Words

The season of brown liquor is upon us! To be fair, I probably say that for most of the seasons, but if feels especially true when the weather turns crisp and I start dusting off my combat boots and worn-out band T-shirts. It’s a time most people start thinking about snuggling up with cider and classic literature. For some of us however, Fall is about filling the flask up with aged bourbon to keep us warm on the walk from house to bar. Now is the time of the punk rocker, when the leather jacket is never more appreciated than in between the heat of summer and bone-cold of winter.

Not that I am remotely amongst the punk rock elite, my Chelsea cut now long grown out — I can only reminisce on my pseudo punker days and fill my iPod with the sounds of ill spent youth, where I tried on the various subcultures until I hit on the “aging hipster writer nerd lady” thing I appear to have perfected.

This week’s play list takes us on a jaunty little stroll down memory lane with songs like “Drunken Lullabies” by Flogging Molly. I am very much looking forward to singing along to this at their show at the Egan Center this Friday, hopefully with a whiskey sour grasped firmly in hand and my punker-than-thou baby sister by my side. In fact, this entire list should be dedicated to my sister, the sibling with much cooler music taste than I. She introduced me to most of the bands on this list. Indeed it was her that first threw the cassette version of Social Distortion’s self-titled album in the boom box and insisted I listen to it, standing with eyes closed and fists clenched as she silently and stoically rocked out. Many a night have been spent in dingy bars with her, plugging quarters into a jukebox so we could shoot pool and do an awkward little jig to the sounds of Dropkick Murphys. So here’s to Kat, the punker Cortez by far, and her enduring ability to make me listen to shit I didn’t know I’d like.

I’ve thrown in some of my modern equivalents to these “get drunk and fight” favorites: “Old Number Seven” from The Devil Makes Three is my standard go-to for getting ready for a night out and at one point Alkaline Trio’s “Nose Over Tail” was an “our song” for an old ex and I.

So go put some whiskey into your whiskey, then push play.

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