Playlist: Shake Shake Shake

Sometimes you just need to shake your ass on the dance floor. Or in your living room. Or in the drivers seat of your car at a stoplight. Wherever the mood strikes you, this week’s playlist has you covered.

It’s full of some of the best indie rock dance jams out there, in my humble opinion at least. Some of them have some years behind them like Tori Amos’ “Raspberry Swirl” that was by far the catchiest tune on her From the Choirgirl Hotel album out in 1998. (The video is a total trip and is definitely how I learned to “weird kid dance” as my friends call it. Check it out.) The title track though is a new favorite, by locals The Modern Savage. They’ve just released their new EP The Young Guns (buy it here) and if you haven’t them live around town yet…well, you must be a hermit because they play all the time. “Shake, Shake, Shake” is by far my favorite the band does live, mostly because the little shoulder shimmy lead singer Jenni May does is infectious and impossibly adorable.

I’ve got a soft spot for the kind of song that manages to be clever and danceable at once; each of these songs in some way accomplishes that. Be it the lyrical narrative of the innate violence of nature in Metric’s “Stadium Love” or the simple directive in “Dance Yrslf Clean” by LCD Soundsystem, all of these songs will help you get your groove on.

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