Playlist: Dance Your Face Off

The thing that you will notice most about this week’s playlist is probably that it has a Justin Bieber song on it. I’m going to address this first.

While I have been occasionally (and by “occasionally” I mean “often”) accused of being a music snob the truth is this: I just like music. I like all kinds of music. And sometimes that means I like pop music. Now normally I’d be loathe to admit to listening to Bieber under any circumstances that didn’t involve possibly illegal interrogation techniques, but I’m getting old, my street cred is basically nil anyway. I’ll say it here though: I like Justin Bieber. I liked “Baby” and I like “As Long As You Love Me.” Judge me if you must, but love is blind. And that “Baby” song was catchy as hell.

This week I interviewed local DJ Dig Sista and we had a great conversation about how electronic music has found its way into mainstream culture by way of pop acts using the beats to back their vocals. She listed a few artists as examples, Bieber among them. It got me thinking, so I went and found a few more tracks that I know I’ve heard on the radio that have electronic music backing (as opposed to traditional instrumental accompaniment) and that is what makes up the bulk of this weeks play list.

I had to ask around for some suggestions this week as electronic music is not generally my thing, but this collection of songs is pretty jamming. If I were the sort of person who ran on a treadmill or did cardio exercises regularly this might be my work out mix. As it stands, this has been my go-to play list for rousing myself from the warmth of my bed every day this week. In the crispness of fall, this play list gets the blood pumping in the mornings.

Stand out tracks for me this week include “When I’m Small” by Phantogram, which is one of the few songs I already liked before I started delving into the electronic music genre and a new one for me, “Oblivion” by Grimes. This track has very synthy beats backing angelic vocals. I love the juxtaposition of the slightly tinny beat with the soft and sweet voice from Grimes. It’s not as dancey as some of the other songs but I think it shows the range that electronic music has; it’s not all just disparate robot noises despite my preconceived notions about it.

I’ve made this play list collaborative, so if you have a Spotify account and want to add a track or two to this list that stays in the “Dance Your Face Off” and/or electronic music themes, please feel free. I know there’s more of this kind of music I haven’t heard of yet that I’m just waiting to discover and fall in love with.

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