October First Friday Live Tweet Round Up

My God that title was a mouthful. Here’s the deal: this month we, the humble editorial staff of the Anchorage Press, decided to take our fancy smart phones to the street and live tweet Anchorage’s First Friday events. Some of them. There’s only two of us so we couldn’t make it to all of them but we did our very best with the four legs we’ve got.

A few things we decided after this experience was that we didn’t like being the asshole that was on their phone the entire time they were supposed to be looking at art and tweeting while walking between venues in the rain is difficult unless you have a sherpa (or wonderful, patient husband) to hold your umbrella for you.

Below is a transcript of our evening, VB is Victoria Barber our big shot editor and DCA is I, your entertainment editor and lady about town. We hit as many of the downtown venues as we could make it to and then scuttled over into Fairview for the Modern Savage EP release party. We used the hashtags #presspeepsart and #presspeepsmusic to track our travels. We’re hoping to make this a regular thing, the live tweeting of events around town so feel free to follow us on Twitter, invite us to your thing and then sit back and wait for us to say clever things about it on the internet.

DCA: The Modern Savage set killed it, their swag looks great. Alex the Lion is closing it down. We’re going to bed!

VB: Slounge… Holy plaid, crowds, hipster BO

DCA: Turquoise Boy takes the stage, the bar is filling up. Hot night in Fairview!

DCA: Hawkins Wright starting this party off right at the S Lounge.

DCA: If you’re done or nearing done with First Friday come by the S Lounge for tons of local music.

VB: As a FFriday venue, museum rocks. Kids, glitter, dancers, SPACE. Also the bartender’s hilarious

VB: Cig Harvey was the juror at Rarified Light. Vaguely sinister and eroticized portraits of pubescent girls.

VB: If you have eyeballs you’ll prob. Find something to adore at the museum photog show.

VB: Something romantic about city lights, people out, art walk in the rain

DCA: Bought art at Sevigny, not the artist showing but it’s impossible to walk thru that place without buying something.

VB: Medicine Crow show at Bernie’s: nostalgically nostalgic. Now to rarified light

VB: Someone please buy me a transparent kuspuk and chunky ivory bracelet to go with my new furry slippers?

VB: The guest room @IGCA is often hit or miss bit these small studies of hoarfrost and other small things are just lovely

DCA: K.C. Crowley at Sevigny Studio, beautiful Alaskana prints. Artist is onsite and more than happy to talk art and technique.

VB: Holly McQuinn’s art at IGCA is quite cool, some like a dissection of our cellular biological in stained glass.

VB: “Love is Love” portraits have the squeaky clean wholesomeness of an impeccable lit long distance phone ad.

DCA: By the way, there are two editors on the loose and posting for FF, so there may be crossover in events.

DCA: Treft.Punkt is the place to be! Packed to the gills. These peeps are moving on but this is a don’t miss stop for FF!

DCA: Treft.Punkt Studio is touching and beautiful. Gorgeous prints, slideshow set to music.

VB: No time for dinner, so This FF art walk is fueled by aspartame.

DCA: Feathers Boutique on D St. Has mixed media on canvas. Personally I’m a fan of the Death of Beige piece as the door.

DCA: International Gallery of Contemporary Art has gorgeous glasswork depictions of DNA and cells.

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