Fall 2012 Playlist

It’s that shifty time of year, a few weeks ago it was (sorta) summer and now the winds of change are a-blowin’. Actually, if you’re in Anchorage the winds are just straight up blowing. The weather is turning, and with it I find myself moving from listening mostly to bright, vapid pop songs to the more moody, introspective songs befitting the seasons of change. Here’s a playlist of some favorite Fall time tracks to get you through those power outages and wind swept nights.
This is a mix of things that I’ve been jamming out to while we write, edit and layout Anchorage’s favorite (or, you know, only) alternative weekly newspaper. Some of these songs are old favorites, like Girl in a Coma’s cover of the Smith’s “Rubber Ring” and some of them are new songs that I can’t get enough of, like “Angels” from The xx’s new album Coexist. Then we’ve got some local favorites tossed in there too. Honestly I’ve been stalking, er…following Jared Woods and Matt Hoppers careers since I was a teenager. “City Walls” from Matt Hopper is an older song that I’ve always enjoyed singing along to but “Don’t Turn On Me” from Jared Woods is off his newest release Bonfire. I personally have a deep seated love of indie hip hop, so there’s a few tracks in the middle of this list that you might find jarring, but it’s hard to resist a girl rap trio that can use the word ‘apropos’ in a rhyme. Northern State gets the job done, though.
Let us know what you’re listening to; be it local or national, new or an old favorite.

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